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Local Searches With Mobile Devices



With our exclusive SEO services you will always be ahead of your competition!

Did you know that 66% av all the searches online are made from a mobile device? Did you also know that the results Google shows on a PC are not the same than the one shown on a mobile device?

This means that if your website is on the first page when you search via your PC doesn’t mean you will show first when you search via a mobile device. Everything depends on how well your site is optimized for mobile.

We offer mobile optimization as a part of our SEO services, and this is extremely important if you want to increase the visibility for your business online.

Mobile devices has replaced Yellow Pages, everyone has a smartphone nowadays and when they need something, they bring it up and search on Google for what they want.


What do they search for? Everything you can imagine, but they always follow they same pattern:

“the service they are looking for + city”, for instance: “dentist london“, “plumber chicago” and so on…

So you understand what it means for your business to be found when hundreds of people are searching for your services, and 90% of people don’t go past the first page of Google, so if you are not there, your competition is!

If your website is not mobile optimized chances are Google will not show your site in the search results, and that’s because Google wants to give their users the best experience.

Local SEO + mobile optimization is the next step for your business!


Why Is Google Doing This?

seo tjänsterAs I mentioned before, Google wants to give the best user experience to its users when they search on

A web agency is not aware of SEO, and more often than not, they are not offering mobile optimization, that’s why you should hire an SEO agency to solve this issue.

White Flame Solutions is always ahead of the curve when it comes to new updates regarding your visibility online and that’s why we will optimize your site for mobile devices so that you don’t lose any more business.




If you want to read more about googles mobile update post, you can do it here –> Mobile Update


How Can You Know If Your Website Is Mobile Optimized?


Google have a free tool where you can check your website, if you want to test it, do it here –> Mobile Friendly Test

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